Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Today, we took a day trip to Geneva, Switzerland and it was wonderful! The weather has finally started to cool off and in Geneva, dubbed the city of parks, the air was crisp and the leaves were changing! On top of the fact that I was going to go see my friend Janine who I hadn't seen in two years! We had such a great day!

We didn't have any tourist-y expectations for what to see in the city, so we sort of aimlessly walked around and saw what we saw. It was a very relaxed day and we ended up seeing a lot of cool things. Janine hadn't really been to Geneva, but it was nice to have a Swiss tour guide to show us all the best shops.

Can't wait to go back to Switzerland! Of course, I filmed to whole trip, so don't forget to look out for my next video!

Let the Shenanigans Continue! 

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  1. love the brown scarf! :*