Sunday, September 1, 2013

Top 3 Things NOT to Do on Your Next International Flight

So… Today’s the day.

Well, at least as I write this post. Currently, I’m miles above Indiana cruising on my way to Philadelphia where I will have my first layover.

As I was mostly a hysterical mess on my final night in America, I have concocted a list of things NOT to do at the airport. Hopefully, you’re next trip goes swimmingly!  

1.)  Don’t pack that ten-pound woolen sweater you’ve worn twice. You really don’t need it!

In my final evening at home, I decided to venture onto the US Airways website to further educate myself on what TSA would be like, as I have not flown in many years. I entered into an assortment of hysterical fits when I realized I would be that my backpack was, in fact, not considered a personal item and I would need to consolidate. 

This lead to a lot of tears shed over sweaters and sneakers I was incredibly hesitant to part with.

When I met up with Emily (who had a carry on, a suitcase AND a purse, I realized that all my consolidating and worrying was for not. We both boarded the plane just fine. (No, she was not forcibly detained for over-packing, as I suppose I imagined she would.)

In the end, I could have had both my duffel bag and backpack as carry-ons, but didn’t. Luckily, by the end of the night, I found that leaving some stuff I didn’t really need behind was especially freeing! 

 (the lighting was simply horrid at my house, so here is an assortment of the horrid photos we captured before I left)

2.)  Stop freaking out and having hysterical fits.

Maybe this one’s just for me, but I weighed my suitcase about ten times before I was happy with what I had. With US Airways, I had one free checked bag, however, if that bag was between 51 – 75 lbs., it was going to cost me $90.00! I wasn’t about to spend my travel money on that!

When I approached the ticket counter for the woman to weigh my bag, I had resigned to pay the extra money. When I saw that my bag was 51lbs, I sighed and handed the woman my credit card. She rejected it saying, “Oh, its only one pound.”

All of my freaking out had been for not, but that was a wonderful omen to start me trip on!

3.) Do not eat at the freaking airport!

As I skipped past security (which was significantly less invasive and traumatizing than I thought it would be. In fact, it was neither invasive nor traumatizing), I decided I would stop for a little bite to eat.

Little did I know that when it came time to pay the cashier would ask me to remove two of my limbs as payment. My tuna salad sandwich and drink were $15.00! Then, I decided I couldn’t do without some Starbucks, which cost another $5.75! For a MEDIUM!

There is no magical paradise beyond security, only crappy sandwiches and Starbucks. Just eat at home.

And speaking of food… Don’t forget to bring a bunch with you, too!

On my last night in Indiana, my dad and I went to CVS and purchased a significant portion of the candy aisle.

The cliff bars are full of protein and will help keep me full on the long flight. My dainty little ears pop when I go over and hill in my car, so the Skittles and gum are meant to keep my brain from oozing out of my ears, and the pretzel M&M’s are there because I just freaking love those things!

Let the Shenanigans Commence!

(NB: I’ll probably post this in Philadelphia, so while my flight there will have been essentially successful, Lord only knows what lies in store for me on my flight to Frankfurt, so check back later for that hellacious tale!)

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