Friday, August 30, 2013

This is it...

I’m actually starting to get nervous about moving.

Most people would say it was only natural, but I never thought such an emotion would afflict my being! I’ve only ever been dying to get out of here! I’ve needed to do some mental preparation in the days leading up to my flight, truly deciding what I need and don’t need and readying myself to leave my family. (Just an FYI,  I can fit a good portion of the items I have accumulated over twenty-one years into about 1.25 suitcases).

In these mental preparations, I’ve gained a little perspective and here’s what I’ve noticed. I’ve spent the majority of my life in a town with about 5,000 people in it. After I graduated from high school, I moved to a town with – wait for it – a whopping 25,000 people in it. So, currently, this is the “big city” for me.  

Two weeks ago, I would’ve said that there was no worse hell than existing in these two towns, and I would have been totally wrong. In my last couple of days in America, I’ve come to really appreciate these two places. This move is also piggy backing on the fact that I’m graduating from college at the end of this year, and moving to France is my first real step out of the proverbial nest. 

I guess, I’m mostly worried about leaving my leaving my family, friends, and what has been an extremely easy and comfortable life. I’m worried about moving in with two complete strangers who don’t speak my native language. I’m worried about culture shock and where I’ll buy bananas and how I’ll get to class. Where am I going to go to the movies or... get my Starbucks?!

But, as I sit awake at 6 am writing this blog post on the couch in my parent’s living room, I can tell that I’m mostly excited. As I reread what I’ve written, I remember that venturing out into the unknown and doing something I’ve never done before is the whole point of this trip. Breaking language barriers and figuring out public transportation and finding a tiny, side-street coffee shop only make up half of the fun of going somewhere new.

So, in conclusion, I suppose I’m less nervous then I thought! Tune in next time for when I single-handedly overcome the trials and tribulations of Indianapolis International Airport!

Let the shenanigans commence!


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